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Impress at the POS with top-quality packaging: OJENILI is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality packaging in Iran. With more than 23 years of expertise, quality awareness and the spirit of innovation, we develop and produce packaging, such as folding boxes made of cardboard or corrugated board, gift packaging, notepaper promotional items and packaging machines. Our solutions are customized to your product and brand and make an impressive contribution to your success. We consider ourselves as a partner of equals and will always support you.

We develop packaging machines

We specialise in developing custom solutions and have a mechanical engineering department dedicated to developing bespoke machines. Thanks to our day-to-day work as a packaging manufacturer, we know exactly what matters when it comes to packaging systems and processes. We put this experience to use in the development, adaptation and construction of packaging machines. This benefits us just as much as our customers, who use our packaging machines.With more than 30 locations worldwide, search for an HAMCHAP center near you.

We are your partner for custom packaging solutions

As an experienced packaging manufacturer, we believe that every product and every brand deserves its own custom packaging. Because it’s not just your brand that has its own specific needs, but so does every industry. Whether it’s a classic folding box, blister card, shipping packaging or displays and trays, we’ll make your brand dazzle.

Glamour for your brand

Your expert for production and finishing

Developing and producing high-quality packaging and advertising materials, we help you succeed on the market with a unique variety of almost unlimited possibilities and across almost all industries. Whether folding boxes, boxes made of corrugated board, blister cards, gift packaging, promotional items or mailings. We refine and enhance any packaging, if desired. We offer finishing techniques such as varnishing, blind, relief or foil embossing, individual punching, lamination, applications and even the integration of spectacular light effects.


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Welcome to our newsroom: as a manufacturer of packaging, promotional products and packaging, this is where we publish our news from the packaging and promotional product sector, as well as press releases and information on events.



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The winner is: Ojenili

As a manufacturer of high-quality packaging, we win prestigious awards on a regular basis. We have won national and international awards for outstanding packaging solutions, individual promotional items and our commitment to sustainability.

Crystal Simorgh Award of the 12th Iran's specialized printing competition

Crystal Simorgh Award of the 12th Iran Printing Industry Festival

Awarded by the Jury of the Special Iranian Print Festival

Certificate of appreciation for the festival and commemoration of two hundred years of Iran's printing industry

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